A Wholesale And Retail SETA (WRSETA) Bursary Opportunity - Vacancies 24

A Wholesale And Retail SETA (WRSETA) Bursary Opportunity

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A Wholesale And Retail SETA (WRSETA) Bursary Opportunity

Students with excellent grade but hesitate to continue their study into higher education for their incapability to finance their education, fear not, as you can apply for wholesale and retail WRSETA bursary that is designed to support higher education students with excellent academic skill to pursue their dream through higher education institution. Even so, a bursary opportunity at Wholesale and Retail SETA that is set for 2016 education year will discourage students that aim for diplomas/degrees/NCV/NATED/or B.Tech programmes that somehow equivalent with wholesale and retail sector that is required by this bursary opportunity.
In lieu of that you need to be registered to TVET Colleges Universities of Technology and Universities ( public higher education institution) if you expect to apply a WRSETA bursary. Speaking for applying a bursary programme at wholesale and retail SETA, you can apply it online right before its deadline on January 31st 2016 by tagging along as follow documents; grade 11 result, matric certificate, or NCV level-4 certificate if you take HET programmes. Whilst, if you take NATED programmes from TVET colleges, you better provide N3 certificate, results for grade 11, matric certificate, and a certificate of NCV level-4.
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However, if you are a TVET college student who pursue NCV programme, be sure that you hold results for grade 9. Others important documents you should gather for WRSETA bursary are proof of admission, certified ID and, you need also to attach personal details/employer details/proof income of your parents of your guardian and many others. For the coverage of the bursary, then you will get free access for accommodation, tuition fees, books, and meals. Bear in mind, if you are the former bursar of a bursary programe by wholesale and retail SETA, but fail to obtain progress, you are not allowed to re-apply. Or if you are already accepted but can’t maintain your excellent result, the reward will be stopped.