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WC Government Bursary Competition

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National Government, Provincial Governments and Municipalities – 3978 vacancies (e.g. Department of Correctional Services, Gauteng Department of Health, City of Tshwane and many more)

Major, National, Provincial and Municipal Public Entities – 251 vacancies (e.g. Post Office, Transnet, Telkom and many more)

WC Government Bursary Competition

For you who become senior high school students, you can join this WC government bursary competition that allows you to improve your skills in Mathematics, Economics, and Accounting. The government of Western Cape Provincial Treasury has cooperation between the Western Cape Education Department and Nedbank to hold an easy-writing competition for students. This makes students try to compete each other to show their skills and prove their knowledge about the specific term in Accounting, Economics, and Mathematics. However, it is available for you who are in the 11 and 12 grades in senior high school. You will get some opportunities in this competition, such as the opportunity to get scholarship to continue your education in the university, financial assistance, award and achievement. Prepare yourself now.
This competition is holding in this year. It is going to close on October 13th, 2015. The adjudication will be held on October 13th to 26th, 2015 at schools and submit to the local district on October 27th, 2015. WC government bursary offers you some prizes. For 11 grade students, they will an opportunity to get as scholarship and intensive further studies in this field to the university. Then, for 12 grade students, you will get cash prize of financial assistance for they who attract to get degree in economics, mathematics, commerce, and accounting fields.
Addendum A: Additional important information
Addendum B: Research Project Topic for Grade 11 Programme of Assessment (2015)
The Western Cape Essay Competition – Entry Form
Essay writing manual
For every school in Western Cape should provide their students to do this competition. Students have to write the essay around 2200 words, and for grade 11 Economics may write in 600 words for maximum. After that, they should submit their essay to their team teachers which base on the schedule. Then, after that, there are 10 students per district will be sent to the final level. WC government bursary will be invited 15 students to present their oral presentation in front of some selectors, and their Economics teachers will accompany them during the final.