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Umgeni Water Apprenticeship and Learnership

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Umgeni Water Apprenticeship and Learnership

Having a good job is actually a good way for you in proving that you are good in the major you have. There are so many things you can get for improving your ability in your major. In case of improving your skill, you can actually get the chance for experiencing the Umgeni Water Apprenticeship and Learnership which will be so much important and useful for you. There are so many experiences and also the useful knowledge from the apprenticeship and the learnership which are offered by the Umgeni Water, with the experience which will not be found in other place as you can get the best job experience.
The Umgeni Water Apprenticeship and Learnership is actually designed for getting the new, excited employees who will get the best performance in working in the company. The purpose of the job is actually for giving the trainees with the experience in training in the Boilermaking, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Motor Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Besides, the trainees will get the best experience in developing the technical knowledge in the related industry. After completing the program, the trainees will get 2 years of serving back to the company as the obligation for getting the knowledge and experience.
The apprenticeship and learnership will be done in the particular schedule. The apprenticeship will be done 40 times and the learnership will be done 13 times. The minimum qualification for apprenticeship is the FET N3 in Boilermaking, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Engineering and Motor Mechanics. Besides, for the learnership the qualification is the Matric with Mathematics and Physical Science. If you are interested, you have to send application which is completed with the CV and also the certified copies of qualifications and see more information in here  for the Umgeni Water Apprenticeship and Learnership. The application should be sent before the due date at 19 May. The application which is not responded within 4 weeks is considered to be unsuccessful.