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Trainee Librarian Vacancy From City Of Johannesburg

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Trainee Librarian Vacancy From City Of Johannesburg

Potential librarians should consider trainee librarian vacancy, so then they gain better understanding related the field that they are interested. Good news, city of Johannesburg offers recent position for trainee librarian position in library and information system department. Think about applying the traineeship program? Note these follow requirements to ensure that you are qualified for the traineeship ; (1) qualification in tertiary library with four year experience like BTech, PGDLIS, BInf, BBibl, or equals NQF level 7, (2) applicants from University of Technology with 3 year within Diploma majoring in Librarianship or equals NQF level 6, you also can apply for the trainee librarian position.
Librarian Vacancy From City Of Johannesburg
Ensure that you have good communications skills both verbal and written together with excellent interpersonal skill. Not to mention, applicants with no prior experience related to the traineeship that is offered, the chance for you is wider. Applying trainee librarian vacancy, you have to provide curriculum vitae and application letter before you hand deliver the traineeship to, 14thfloor/A-Block/metropolitan centre/158 civic boulevard/Braamfontein (for attention: Lizelle Cooke).  The application is already opened, however, it will be soon ended on August 12th. In the way to perform your function seamlessly, the training within the traineehip will cover knowledge related to house-keeping routine in library, collection management, and book stocking.
Also, Once you are accepted to claim your position within trainee librarian vacancy, you will be exposed with; (1) basic skill in computer, (2) automated library system and how to utilize it, (3)library extension services & reading development programs, (4) skill in information retrieval and information, and (5) special collection that is available in Johannesburg City Library. Simply say, the traineeship program will gives you knowledge and skills about how to deliver services in public library that involve library operations, programs, development, and central marketing services. In addition, this traineeship program will be lasted only within 12 months.