Scholarship for 2016 Mondi Foresty Bursary - Vacancies 24

Scholarship for 2016 Mondi Foresty Bursary

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Scholarship for 2016 Mondi Foresty Bursary

Do you seek any scholarship for 2016 in South Africa? Forestry Bursary offers it for you in 2015. With offering some advantages for students in South Africa such as bursaries will study in Stellenbosch University to the first year.  You will get covers education, meals, accommodation, and books from Mondi Foresty Bursary. It is very advantageous and interesting for many students so you have to consider it now. You will get scholarship which is very advantageous and easy for you as the student as citizen of South African.
This scholarship is requiring some student with many requirements. The requirements are: first, the student must come from South Africa and the citizen is in South Africa. Second, the record of solid academic during the first semester of BSc Forestry in Stellenbosch University must be given. Then, before being cited in the plantation, the students must get a license or they must have a driver license. Next, the applicant of Mondi Foresty Bursary will have preference which is given by Historically Disadvantaged South African (HDSA). The application forms must be completed and it is submitted no more than September, 15th 2015. Do not worry the requirement is easy. However, the applicant must have all documents that are needed. The completed document will be explained below.
The application document must be completed with many documents. The document is the shortly Curriculum Vitae. Another document is Certificate of Matric which is certified copy. The next document is letter of motivational. Also, the last document is the identification file which is certified copy. The applicant of Mondi Foresty Bursary must submit a certified copy of driver license too. If you are with this opportunity you have to apply now. Apply now and do not forget to fill it carefully. You have to fill it with the suitable instructions.