Report A Missing Person At South African Police Service ( SAPS ) - Vacancies 24

Report A Missing Person At South African Police Service ( SAPS )

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Report A Missing Person At South African Police Service ( SAPS )

When a person goes missing, it is of the utmost importance for the SAPS to fulfil our mandate to serve and protect the citizens of South Africa. It is essential to  take steps and start the investigation into a missing person’s case immediately. You can assist the SAPS when reporting a missing person by following these steps:


Report a missing person at your nearest police station immediately.

  • Produce a recent photograph of the missing person, if possible.
  • Give a complete description of the missing person’s last whereabouts, clothes that they were wearing, as well as any information that can assist the investigating officer.
  • Complete and sign a SAPS 55(A) form. This form safeguards the SAPS from hoax reports and indemnifies the SAPS to distribute the photograph and information of the missing person.
  • Obtain the investigating officer’s contact details, and send any additional information that might become available.
  • If a missing person is found or returns voluntarily, inform the investigating officer immediately. A SAPS 92 form must be completed to inform the Bureau of Missing Persons that the missing person’s report can be removed from the circulation system.
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Let us be vigilant and work collectively to keep families together and safe.

Contact Details

Contact details for the national and regional offices of the Bureau of Missing Persons:

Head Office: Tel: 012 393 2001/2/5/7/10/12
Fax to E-mail: 086 777 9420
E-mail: /

Eastern Cape: Tel: 041 394 6978/6482

Fax: 041 394 6899

Free State: Tel: 051 503 2846

Fax: 051 503 2847

Gauteng: Tel: 011 670 6316/6415/6416
Fax: 011 670 6417

Kwazulu-Natal: Tel: 031 3256718
Fax: 031 325 4802

Limpopo: Tel: 015 290 6000

Mpumalanga: Tel: 013 762 4391

Fax to E-mail: 086 651 6916

Northern Cape: Tel: 053 839 282

Fax to E-mail: 086 628 3178

North West: Tel: 018 299 7722/7034/7172

Fax: 018 299 7523

Western Cape: Tel: 021 467 8236
Fax: 021 467 8238
In cases of emergencies call 08600 10111