Orbit College Welding Learnership Programme - Vacancies 24

Orbit College Welding Learnership Programme

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Orbit College Welding Learnership Programme

Recently Orbit College invites suitable applicants to join their welding learnership programme, which requirements are; (1) applicants should unemployed graduates around 18 to 35 years old, (2) you hold either the least N2 qualification or NC (V) level-4 certificate. The welding learnership opportunity is a 24 month training program where its successful applicants will learn further about welding not only theoretically, but also practically. Are you ready for the learnership opportunity? One thing prior you apply the learnership programme, the learnership programme is located in Rustenburg, thus ensure that you have reliable access to reach the learnership location or it will be hard for you when attending the learnership programme.
Orbit College Welding Learnership Programme
As previously mentioned, in order to have qualification for Orbit College welding learnership programme, its applicants should provide, if it is not N2, then it is NC(V) level-4 certificate. However, ensure that your N2 qualification is majoring in welding theory, plating and structural steel drawing, engineering science, and mathematics. Meanwhile for NC (V) level-4, your qualification should majoring in professional engineering practice, engineering processes, engineering fabrication including welding and boiler making, applied engineering technology, maths, English, and the last one is life orientation. Interested applicants who yearn for qualification in welding due to the completion of the learnership programme, the information about applying the aforesaid learnership programme, you’ll find them below.
How to apply a welding learnership programme from Orbit College? First, you need to prepare supported documents, such as, your qualification, identity document, and curriculum vitae. Second, send your learnership application to, Mr T Galeng or Ms B vander Spuy at, Rustenburg campus/room. 17138, before the closing date of the learnership programme dated on September 22nd. Ensure that you submit your application in timely manner or it will not be considered. Any inquiries for the learnership programme, make sure you call 014 597 5562during office hours.