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Opportunity For PhD in Linguistic Bursary

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Opportunity For PhD in Linguistic Bursary

PhD in linguistic bursary is a bursary opportunity that is designed for post graduates that are enrolled in the University of Cape Town and aimed for PhD in linguistic which takes its focus on development and acquisition of multimodal language. Are you one that in? Winning your position for the bursary, here are things to keep in mind; (1) you must be a full time student of UCT that is registered in the linguistic department, (2) the bursary will be lasted in 12 month, and put its preference on first year student that join PhD degree in linguistic.
And the last one, (3) there is a possibility for bursars to renew their bursary, but it is depending on their academic record, if they display significant development, then it is possible that they’ll get the bursary for next year. To be a qualified bursar for PhD in linguistic bursary, a completed masters degree in social sciences or humanities is necessary. Your chance for the bursary is widen, if you hold either post graduate or undergraduate courses in African languages or linguistic. Those aspiring applicants that expect to join the bursary, be sure that you can speak South Sotho flawlessly or else, you should have skill in another Africa language.
Applying for PhD in linguistic bursary, you have to prepare some necessary documents, that include, recent curriculum vitae, letter of application, certified copies of transcripts, and the last one is letter of reference that is obtained from two academics that have connection with the applicant such as one that have taught the applicant, worked with applicants or the one that supervised. Done with the application and necessary documents, the application should be submitted to, Prof Heather Brookes/University of Cape Town. You can as well send it via email to, Heather.Brookes@uct.ac.za before the deadline of the bursary on February 29th 2016.