NMISA Chemistry Graduate Internship Opportunity to Apply - Vacancies 24

NMISA Chemistry Graduate Internship Opportunity to Apply

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NMISA Chemistry Graduate Internship Opportunity to Apply

If you want to look around, there are plethoras of graduate/internship opportunities around which are very helpful as stepping stone to ease you to grab your dream. Anyway, if you look for a chemistry graduate since you really is interested in inorganic analysis; NMISA chemistry graduate is available for you. However, as a measurement whether you are deserved or not becoming a successful graduate, here are some requirements you better qualified; (1) degree in BSc (Hons) specified within analytical chemistry,(2) mastering techniques in sample preparation for chromatographic analysis, and ICP, (3) used to deal with procedures of analytical quantification and skill for using computer especially in MS Excel and Word.
Other qualifications you better have are understanding ICP-OES, ICPMS and Ion Chromatographic instrumentation and the last but not least to apply for NMISA chemistry graduate, you must be excelled in statistical field which ease you to deliver report within the project. The previous qualifications are necessary to utilize some responsibilities and duties such as conduct and manage particular measurement using certain pointed equipment which is associated to inorganic analysis such primary and secondary preparation for calibration standards, sample preparation through some distinctive methods and many more. Then, be helpful in administrative jobs that relate to laboratory needs, joining conferences and courses and some.
Think about this graduate opportunity is what you looking for? Be sure you know pivotal information when it comes to apply for this graduate/internship programme. As it speaks previously, here are the ways; send your detailed CV alongside with scanned and certified copy of your ID and other related qualifications as mentioned previously for NMISA chemistry graduate/internship opportunity to hr@nmisa.org or if you want to you can also fax your application to 086 266 5529. In your application be sure you identify your preference post. In addition to it, the application should be sent by or before August 31st 2015.