Limpopo Provincial Government Public Works Learnership Programme - Vacancies 24

Limpopo Provincial Government Public Works Learnership Programme

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Limpopo Provincial Government Public Works Learnership Programme

Limpopo Provincial Government: Public Works Learnership Programme has a very qualified learnership programme that will help the people to understand public works. It is important nowadays because public works is very important to buils a good society. This learnershipprogramme is suitable for youth. The learnershipprogramme will be make youth has good skill for public works. The public works will be interesting because the skill is needed in this day. The skill is needed not only for government but also for public goodness. The skill that offers by this programme is also well competencies. The youth will be offered by a good qualified skill of this programme.
The programme will offer qualification in construction: masonry and bricklaying. This programme will be for build a building skill, to make the youth understand how to make a strong building. The youth will be understood how to keep the building safe from masonry and how to avoid the building from falling down. The brick laying skill is important. The second qualification is plumbing. This program will create good plumbers and make them seriously understand about plumbing job. It is a programme to make sure the plumb is works well and avoids plumbs from broken. The third programme is air conditioning and refrigeration.
This qualification offers the young people to know more about air conditioner and refrigeration. This qualification offers youth to repair the air conditioner and refrigerator. The fourth qualification is Electrical. This qualification offers young people to understand electricity and know how to repair the electricity if there is a broken thing related to the electricity. The young people will be well understood about electricity. The fifth qualification is horticulture. It makes the young people understand about horticulture. The sixth carpentry, it makes the young people know about carpentry.
How To Apply:
Post: Department of Public works, Private Bag x 9490, Polokwane, 0700, 43 Church Street, Polokwane, Limpopo Province.
Enquiries: Ms Ester Sehlapelo / Ms Linda Kaseke, Tel: (015) 284 7422 / 7107 / 7156
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