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Ernst & Young Bursary; Find Your Potential Now!

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Ernst & Young Bursary; Find Your Potential Now!

With the fast growing globalization, education is undeniably important to support your future in reaching sucess. Of all bursaries offered by various organizations and companies, Ernst & Young Bursary, the leading accounting firm headquartered in UK, proudly present the bursaries that might just help you to find your own potential. So, why not join us now?

About Ernst  & Young
ernst and young
Ernst & Young bursary is one of the largest professional services firms in the world that specializes in assurance, financial audit, advisory services, tax, and consulting. The company has achieved many positive rankings from famous medias as “Ideal Employers” by Universum America and “best companies” by Forbes.  Currently, Ernst & Young employs 212.000 workers  in more than 700 0ffices around 150 countries worldwide.

Ernst & Young Bursaries
Ernst & Young bursary is presented for motivated, high achievers who are determined to find their true potential. If you are enthusiatic, responsible and love working with numbers in supportive working atmosphere, this bursary will just fit you. The bursaries coverage include tuition fees, meal fees, book fees, registration fees for university, accommodation fees, and pocket money.
Field of Studies Available
All candidates applying for Ernst & Young bursary must have strong will to be Chartered Accountant, proven with true academic results and must have financial situation of need proof. For the selected candidates, three years of working agreement will be required after completing the studies. The fields needed are Bachelor’s of Commerce in Accounting, Bachelor’s of Business Science, Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA), HNS. All candidates must follow Chartered Acountant stream.
Requirements of Bursaries
Candidates are highly expected to meet the requirements written below:

  • South African valid resident
  • Copy of vaild ID
  • Inclose financial need data
  • Comprehensive CV
  • Latest academic records
  • Inclose Matric certificate
  • “C” grade or higher on Higher Grades in English in June exam if still taking Matric
  • “C” grade or higher on Higher Grades in Pure Mathematic in June exam if still taking Matric
  • Required of minimum 60% of Bcomm degree study or similar degree at any SAICA acreditted institute.
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Bursary Application
Candidates can kindly contact HR Representatives at 011 772 3000 (JHB Branch) or 021 443 0292 and ask specific HR Representatives at the office. They will provide you with further information about the Ernst & Young bursaries.
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