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Details Of South African Police Service ( SAPS ) Childs Safety | Parents

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Details Of South African Police Service ( SAPS ) Childs Safety | Parents

  • Personal Safety
  • Children must know their full name(s), age(s), telephone number(s) and address(es).
  • Children must know how to contact you, the SAPS or another close relative in an emergency.
  • When children are alone at home, they should tell people who phone that you are there, but that you are busy and cannot come to the phone. The person who is phoning, can phone back later. Teach your child to end any telephone calls with strangers immediately and hang up the telephone if he/she continues to talk.
  • Bullying

Spot the warning signs that a child or teen is being bullied

If a child is being bullied, it may not be obvious to a parent or teacher. For example, most bullying occurs away from adults, when children are alone at school or on their way home from school. Bullies tend to be adept at hiding their behavior from adults and bullying victims will often cover up evidence, because of a sense of shame at being victimized. The following warning signs may indicate that your child is being bullied:

  • Internet Safety
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Every parent should be aware of some important Internet and social media safety tips that could protect their children from potential harm. The Internet can be a dangerous place and social media websites are no exception. There are several things you, as a parent, can do to make sure your children can participate safely.

  • Learn about the Internet and social media
  • Cyber Bullying

No matter how much pain it causes, children are often reluctant to tell parents or teachers about cyberbullying.

Spot the warning signs of cyberbullying

Your child may be the victim of cyberbullying if he or she –

  • becomes sad, angry or distressed during or after using the Internet or a cellular phone.
  • appears anxious when receiving a text, email or have been on social media websites.
  • avoids discussions or is secretive about computer or cellular phone activities.
  • withdraws from family, friends and activities they previously enjoyed.
  • refuses to go to school or to specific classes, or avoids group activities.
  • illustrate changes in mood, behaviour, sleep, appetite, or shows signs of depression or anxiety.
  • Drugs

What Parents Should Know:

Factors influencing experimentation with drugs:

  • A lack of affection and attention from parents

  • The demands of a performance driven society

  • Parent’s believe that their kids would never do drugs and fail to inform or warn them.

  • Parent’s ignorance about drugs

  • Peer pressure

  • Over emphasis of the “harmlessness’ of drugs by the peer group…

  • Sexting

What is sexting?

Sexting is the act of sending a picture/photograph or yourself naked or semi-naked by using electronic means. It also involves sending flirtatious or sexual messages to others, often using acronyms and abbreviations.

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What are the dangers of sexting?