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Details About South African Police Service ( SAPS )

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Details About South African Police Service ( SAPS )

South Africa became an internationally-accepted democracy in 1994 when President Nelson Mandela was elected as the first President of the new South Africa, bringing the era of “apartheid” to an end. This new democratic order brought about many changes in the country and also had a substantial impact on policing. Mr Sydney Mufamadi was appointed as the first Minister for Safety and Security in the new South Africa. He was assisted by Deputy Minister Joe Matthews.

Prior to 1995, South Africa was divided into the so-called TBVC States, Self-Governing Territories and Development Regions (old South Africa). The TBVC States had independent status but were not widely recognized by the international community. The TBVC States and Self-Governing Territories were also referred to as Homelands. These so-called Homelands were the following:Learn More

We, as Police Officials of the South African Police Service commit ourselves to the creation of a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa by –

  • participating in endeavours to address the root causes of crime in the community;
  • preventing action which may threaten the safety or security of any community; and
  • investigating criminal conduct which has endangered the safety or security of the community and bringing the perpetrators thereof to justice.Read More

The South African Police Service is governed by:

  • Chapter 11 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act 108 of 1996) that stipulates the South African Police Service has a responsibility to –
    • prevent, combat and investigate crime;
    • maintain public order;
    • protect and secure the inhabitants of the Republic and their property; and
    • uphold and enforce the law.
    • create a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa.
    • prevent anything that may threaten the safety or security of any community
    • investigate any crimes that threaten the safety or security of any community
    • ensure criminals are brought to justice; and
    • participation in efforts to address the causes of crime.
  • The South African Police Service Act 68 of 1995
    • To provide for the establishment, organisation, regulation and control of the South African Police Service; and to provide for matters in connection therewith.
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The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. View Details

In terms of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999), Government Departments, including the SAPS, must draft the following:

  • The Strategic Plan is developed for a five-year period and sets out the SAPS’s policy, priorities and project plans, as approved by the executive authority, within the scope of available resources. The Strategic Plan focuses on strategic outcome-orientated goals for the institution as a whole and objectives for each of its main service delivery areas, aligned to its budget programmes.
  • The Annual Performance Plan is linked to the Strategic Plan and sets out what the SAPS intends doing in the upcoming financial year and during the medium term expenditure framework in order to implement its Strategic Plan. The Annual Performance Plan sets out performance indicators and targets for budget programmes to facilitate the institution in realising its goals and objectives set out in the Strategic Plan.
  • The Annual Report provides information on the performance of the SAPS in the preceding financial year for the purpose of oversight. The Annual Report looks at the institution’s performance relative to the targets set in the Annual Performance Plan and provides the audited annual financial statements. It reveals how the budget was implemented and the state of the institution’s financial management system.Read More

View South African Police Service ( SAPS ) Departmental Structure

View Details Of South African Police Service ( SAPS ) Organisational Structure

The SAPS pays tribute to those members who died as a result of their duties during 2016-04-01 to 2017-03-31. View Details

Emblem Symbolism


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The South African Police Service badge is the organisation’s single most important identifier.  The badge consists of a gold eight pointed, rayed star bearing a green aloe with red flowers in the centre, within a blue annulet with the words “South African Police Service”.

With the amalgamation of the ten homeland policing agencies and the South African Police in 1994, new uniforms, rank structures and service conditions were introduced under the newly-established South African Police Service.

The badge of the South African Police Service was registered on 31 October 1995 at the Bureau of Heraldry in terms of section 5 (a) of the Heraldry Act, 1962 (Act No 18 of 1962).  The purpose of the registration is to protect the badge against unauthorized use. Read More