Dept of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Bursary Scholarship Opportunity for 2016 - Vacancies 24

Dept of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Bursary Scholarship Opportunity for 2016

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Dept of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Bursary Scholarship Opportunity for 2016

Interesting in the world of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, but you deal with hassle for financial issue, you can worry-free as the solution is very simple. You need only to apply for a typical bursary scholarship opportunity. Expecting more? A bursary scholarship programme is opened now by the dept of agriculture, forestry (biological science) and fisheries for 2016. Still about the bursary opportunity, its coverage includes monthly stipend, meals, accommodation, books, and of course tuition. Brilliant students which are suffered from indigent circumstance and live in rural community will be the main concern of this bursary scholarship programme.
Then, how to apply for this bursary opportunity? First, you must be SA citizen. Second, you need to download any necessary application form via then, be sure to tag along certified copy of pivotal documents such as ID, academic record, and any related essential document. Once you’re done, send it through post your application for dept of agriculture, forestry, and piscary (fisheries) bursary opportunity to The Directore, Ms Amanda Shokane, which is located on Directorate for Sector Education and Training/Department of Agriculture, Forestry (biological science) and Piscary (Fisheries)/, Pretoria 0001/Private Bag X250 Ensure that you send the application by/before it reaches the closing date on Sept 30th 2015.
Download the Postgraduate Application Form 2016
Download the Undergraduate Application Form 2016
If the official contacts you on January 20th 2016, you are included into the programme. Nevertheless, while you prepare for the requirements, here are some field of studies which are covered in this bursary programme; Bioresource Engineering (B.Sc.), Food Science (B.Sc), Geo-informatics (B.Sc.), Fisheries Resource Management (national diploma) Food Technology (national diploma), Marine Science (national diploma), Plant Pathology (B.Sc.), Forestry and Wood Science (B.Sc.) and many more. In case you have further question related to dept of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries bursary opportunity, insure to dial 012 319 7848 (Ms Tshilidzi), 012 319 7923 (Mr Looksharp Makaringi), and you can also contact 012 319 7024 (Ms Boitumelo Maleka).