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Click Pharmacy Learnership Opportunity

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National Government, Provincial Governments and Municipalities – 3978 vacancies (e.g. Department of Correctional Services, Gauteng Department of Health, City of Tshwane and many more)

Major, National, Provincial and Municipal Public Entities – 251 vacancies (e.g. Post Office, Transnet, Telkom and many more)

Click Pharmacy Learnership Opportunity

Click will open opportunity for phaemary learnership in two different areas; (1) Western Cape, this one is for learner post basic pharmacist assistant, the closing date for the application is on December 26th 2014. The requirements you should fulfill if you want to be one of the learners for Clicks pharmacy learnership opportunity are National Certificate for pharmacy assistant and a grade 12/Matric of Math and English (minimum 50%). (2) Pinehurst, this one is for learnership training contract. To join this learnership you need to have a 12 grade/Matric for Math and English (minimum 50%), the closing date of this learnership opportunity is on December 25th 2014. (3) Western Cape for learnership training contract.
To become the learner of that learnership training contract, you need to have a 12 grade/Matric for minimum 50% for math or 60% for math lit and for English it should be 50% minimum. The closing date for this program is on December 25th 2014. However, for any sub program you apply for Click pharmacy learnership opportunity, you need to understand the job description for this learnership opportunity, they are; able to follow the entire program within 12 months, relegate a portfolio of evidence, capable to join further training and complete the assessment of competency completely, and many more.
To have capability to do the job description above, for sure you will need some additional competencies so that you can easily manage the task during the learnership program you take, some of them are; know how to use computer, capable to work in team and people, then to be a successful Clicks pharmacy learnership opportunity learner you need to be able to meet customers expectation, have integrity, you can work systematically, have skill with number and math and many more. So then, if you think you are capable and have all of the requirements and competencies to join this learnership opportunity, feel free to apply.
Apply Learner Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant, N1 City (Western Cape)
Apply Learnership Training Contract – LB (14 months), Pinehurst
Apply Learnership Training Contract – N1 City Western Cape