UFH Application Fee

The University of Fort Hare (UFH) requires prospective students to pay an application fee as part of the admission process. This fee is an essential component of the application process and covers administrative costs associated with reviewing and processing applications. The application fee for UFH varies depending on the type of program and the applicant’s … Read more

University of Fort Hare Courses

University of Fort Hare Courses Degree Programmes FACULTIES AND THE DEGREES/DIPLOMAS CONFERRED University of Fort Hare Courses, Each Faculty has developed a detailed Prospectus that outlines the modules that are offered, as well as the academic rules governing each qualification. This section must be read in conjunction with the relevant Faculty Prospectus. FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT … Read more

UNISA Biblical Archaeology Course Module 2024 – 2024

UNISA Biblical Archaeology Course Module 2024 – 2024 Major Combinations: Level 5 OTS1502, ECH1501 Level 6 OTS2602, ECH2602, ECH2603 Level 7 OTS3702, OTS3703, OTS3705, ECH3701, ECH3702 Honours: Focus on Old Testament period: HPHBA81, HRHBA85, HBA4802, HBA4803, HBA4804, HBA4806 and or CHS4801. Focus on New Testament period: HPECH81, HRECH86, ECH4802, ECH4803, ECH4804, ECH4805 and or CHS4801   … Read more