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CA Bursary Scholarship Program At BDO

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CA Bursary Scholarship Program At BDO

Students who expect to have Chartered Account qualification, CA bursary scholarship program from BDO is available for you. The bursary is given for talented students from destitute family. Join the bursary scholarship program from BDO means you need to follow the requirements. First, if you are matriculants, you should obtain B symbol in Maths (minimum) and also in English, in addition, you have to grab minimum average 70% in grade 12 (or equivalent results). Second, if you are university students, ensure that you have; average 70% or above in account I, average 70% or above in account II, and average 65% or above in account III.
Students who can meet the requirements for CA bursary scholarship 2017, 2018 and 2019 program, make sure that you provide some additional documents like curriculum vitae (2 pages), copy of identity document, academic transcripts that display your result from matric to the recent result. To submit your application, you can apply the bursary online through BDO website right before its deadline on October 31st 2016. Additional requirements for the bursary include, (1) you are not signed of another bursary program or financial aid that has post training contract, (2) you are not under contract with certain firm for training contract, (3) you aim for Chartered Accountant qualification and perform commitment to the major that you take, and (4) you are registered students of SAICA for its recognized program (CTA level).
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The value of CA bursary scholarship program from BDO covers only books, tuition fees, and registration fees per year, which means its bursars should provide another expense by their own. Due to many applicants that have interest to be part BDO bursary scholarship in Chartered Accountant, the feedback/respond for the application will be given in the end of the year. Bursary allows students who are great in academic area, but have no capability to pay their study to have proper education.