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About ATNS Bursary

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About ATNS Bursary; Do Not Miss The Opportunity!

ATNS bursary is now open recruitment for those of you who have passion in working for airline service field. Undoubtedly, bursary is a beneficial opportunity provided by many companies, corporates and government to invest on qualified human resources. Beside cost-free higher education, recognition and precious working experience in fields you are interested in will be very useful in building your career. Check informations below to know more about ATNS bursary!

About ATNS Limited
ATNS (Air Traffic and Naigation Services) is the only limited group that specializing in giving advanced air traffic management service and provide the maintenance and implementation of reliable navigation infrastructure. ATNS operates at 22 aerodromes around South Africa. The achievements has been ATNS’s successful in delivering great services to various clients in planning, safety management, aeronautical documentation, standard assurance, flight procedure design, and WGS-84 surveys. The rising numbers of airflight and busy airspace required more talented, skillful and highly trained staffs to get involved in the field, that is why ATNS giving opportunities to all candidates across South Africa.

Bursary Program Available
Bursary are open for Aeronautical Information Management Officer (AIMO), Air Traffic Service Assistants (ATSA), and Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) post. For more information about other available of study, contact ATNS.
Requirements of Bursary
ATNS bursary covers tuition for the ATS Core content and Human Factors Courses, accommodation (sharing basis), meals, transport cost to and from ATA (as required by study and pratical), monthly allowance and 10 days of non-academic activities based on study programme coordinators. The requirements to apply for those posts are:

  • South African citizen with valid ID Book
  • Minimum age of 18
  • Grade 12 pass Mathematics and English (HG D or SG C or level 4 upwards)
  • Medically fit
  • Successful learners must sign working agreement with ATNS for 6 months by shifts and by the end of monitoring will end to permanent employment
  • Bursary will be assessed based on applicants progress in training
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The bursary will be considered time to time for continuation. The medical aid and pension benefits does not apply for the initial working contract.
Applying For Bursary
If you are interested in applying for ATNS trainee bursary programme, send your CV and apply online at www.atns.careerjunction.co.za
Also kindly fax your CV to +27 11 607 1570 for further notification.
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