2017 Exxaro Bursary Programme - Vacancies 24

2017 Exxaro Bursary Programme

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National Government, Provincial Governments and Municipalities – 3978 vacancies (e.g. Department of Correctional Services, Gauteng Department of Health, City of Tshwane and many more)

Major, National, Provincial and Municipal Public Entities – 251 vacancies (e.g. Post Office, Transnet, Telkom and many more)

2017 Exxaro Bursary Programme

Exxaro bursary programme sounds like a good opportunity for aspiring bursars with huge passion in mining industry. Just in case, this is it what you are looking for, read on to know further related to the bursary opportunity at Exxaro. To figure out whether you have chance for the bursary, check these following, if you are student aiming for BSc/B Eng Degree within geology, mining engineering, metallurgical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering for heavy current, and civil engineering, you are allowed to apply. Else, If you are enrolled in BTech for mining surveying or mining, the chance is yours.
Applying for Exxaro bursary programme, the benefits cover; cash allowance, meals, residence fees, books fees, and tuition fees. The truth, those aforementioned are not the only good things aspiring bursars at Exxaro will get, but also something like proper environment to help them to develop their skills and talents for their own benefits to win the career opportunity. Decide to apply for the bursary, be sure that you have completed grade 12 that and will be enrolled in 2016 academic year for abovementioned field of studies. Prior sending your application, download first the bursary application form to send it afterward with others necessary documents that are requested.
Click here to download the Exxaro application form
You have two ways to submits your application, to the official representative business units nearest your location or you can as well send it through email. For instance, if you live in Middelburg you can send your application to Arnot business unit or email it at BursaryARN@exxaro.com. Perhaps, you have something to ask, you can use this contact number 013 297 8635 (Adelaide Nkabinde). Those who live around Gauteng/Pretoria, then you can submit your application for Exxaro bursary programme 2017 2018 & 2019 to Corporate Centre business unit. Whilst for the email, it is BursaryPretoria@exxaro.com. You can also contact 012 307 4276 (Prudence Rampa), and so on. Making sure that the application is submitted before its closing date on March 31st 2016.