2016 Hatch Goba Graduate Internship Program - Vacancies 24

2016 Hatch Goba Graduate Internship Program

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National Government, Provincial Governments and Municipalities – 3978 vacancies (e.g. Department of Correctional Services, Gauteng Department of Health, City of Tshwane and many more)

Major, National, Provincial and Municipal Public Entities – 251 vacancies (e.g. Post Office, Transnet, Telkom and many more)

2016 Hatch Goba Graduate Internship Program

Are you looking for the best experience in your academic life? Or you are a fresh graduate student from the majors which are available for some industries? You might want to explore new experience and you want to have a good skill in the industry environment. If it is so, you can engage with the Hatch Goba internship. The internship program is actually designed for the students who want to have the experience in the engineering industry and be educated with the best way in getting the career planning and even the mentoring for the participants which will be very important and also useful.
The internship program is actually designed for the engineering students or the graduated students. The majors which are available for the internship program are the chemical engineering, civil and structural, electrical engineering, mining engineering, industrial engineering, electronics engineering, environmental and also some other majors which are available in having the engineering aspects. If you are a student or you are fresh graduated students from one of those majors, you can apply the Hatch Goba internship program for you and get the experience of working in the world class industry. Therefore, you will have your experience and skills to be improved.
In order to apply for the internship program, you have to fulfill some requirements which will be suitable for your need. The requirements for the internship program are 65% above average in the academics performance Bachelor degree in the relevant major. Besides, you have to enclose the CV which is completed with your extracurricular activities and your skills. Then, you will also need to have the cover letter for your appliance. The ID copy is a must for the application of the Hatch Goba internship. Completion of our online graduate application questionnaire (Please ensure you fill in all fields and provide as much information as possible). You don’t have to forget that the appliance for the internship program will be closed in 31 August 2015.